How To Hire A Programmer: Important Interview Considerations

One of the most difficult things for business when they hire a programmer is to determine the level of expertise of an applicant. While it can be easy to determine a programmer’s attitude after a minutes into the interview, but you can’t do so with actual programming skill. Many companies also rely on tests, but testing can only evaluate rote memorization that current web and software development no longer relies on, as between IDE’s autocomplete, F1 and the web, having an comprehensive library knowledge is no longer that important.

The interview remains one of the most effective means of determining the programmer’s capability in producing a quality end product. So whether you are looking for a Java programmer or an iPhone mobile application developer, take these guidelines into consideration.

Of course, when someone describes themselves as a programmer you expect them to have at least a working knowledge of programming. But you’ll be amazed – or even scared – to know that there are lots of programmers out there who do not know the fundamentals of programming. There are even those who can program anything and are just there to take advantage of the huge market demand for programmers. And because there is no regulating body for programmers, don’t expect the frauds to go away anytime soon.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you should only hire a programmer who finished a degree in Computer Science – you lose a lot of qualified leads if you do so. What is important is that you hire someone who has a full understanding of programming fundamentals. You can ask a candidate, for instance, to compare and contrast equality with equivalence or pessimistic locking wih optimistic locking.

While there has been much fuss regarding big name companies like Google and Microsoft using intense testing on problem solving capabilities when they hire a programmer, this does not mean that it will also be suitable for your business. Though these tests are certainly helpful in determining the capabilities of a programmer, it can be very exhausting to interview each and every candidate and watch them as they play puzzle games. But still, it is important for businesses to determine how well a candidate can think about a specific problem and come up with a solution.

One way that you can determine what a candidate’s thought processes are without the need for extensive testing is with the so-called “chicken question”. Here you simply ask the programmer being interviewed how they will design a chicken and why. Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to this type of question, and it might elicit raised eyebrows from candidates. But the point here is to try and get a picture of how a programmer accomplishes things as well as their attitude.

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