Java Programmer

If you are planning to create a Java program – whether for commercial use or as a tool for your business – you will need to hire a Java programmer if you are not capable of making the program yourself. Luckily, with Java being one of the most popular computing languages used today, finding Java developers today is a piece of cake. In fact, you can find a Java developer just by doing a simple search on Google.

But while finding Java programmers nowadays is easy, hiring a good one is an entirely different matter. Not all the Java programmers that offer their services on the web is to be trusted, so you need to look for several things before you make a decision to hire a particular developer. Experience is one such thing. Many people make the mistake of hiring so-called developers whose entire experience with Javascript they found in a book, and this often leads to problems during development or even worse, no product at all.

Experience is an essential factor you need to look for when you hire a Java programmer, but not exactly in ways you might imagine. The time spent working on Java apps, for example, is not as important as the diversity of experience. A Java programmer who has been involved in various projects and industries – a jack-of-all-trades if you will – is considered to be more experienced than one who has spent most of his or her years on the same type of work. Granted, there are exceptions to this, but generally this is often the case. So if you are juggling over one programmer who spent years tinkering with Javascript against the other who has worked as a system administrator in the past, it is often better to choose the latter.

You’ll be surprised to find out that many Java programmers were originally trained as writers, mathematicians, nurses and other professions that are not commonly associated with software development. In fact, a Computer Science degree or a similar course does not exactly guarantee that the person is a good Java developer, especially if he or she started programming only after he enrolled in the course. The same also goes for certifications, as certificates like the SCJP or MCSE are designed to be easily accessible to almost anyone. Instead, focus on the code that the programmer has written. Expert Java programmers write readable code, which they then comment and document appropriately based on how complex and important that piece of code is to the entire project. All of this pays tremendous dividends when the next Java developer has to pick up where the previous one left off.

If your business is geared more on technology, then the program that you want done by Java programmers is your main product. Or at the very least, we can agree that the software that the Java developer will create for you is to some degree essential to the growth of your business. And hiring expert Java programmers is key to realizing all of the dreams and expectations you have for your Java project. In the hands of the right programmer, there is less likelihood for the software to crash, there are less bugs and other issues that come out after release and that users will find it easy to use the program even if they are using it for the first time.

When you work in an environment with expert Java programmers, things simply work. Experienced Java developers require less training and can hit the ground running one the actual development stage gets underway. An experienced Java programmer can also implement changes more easily, and the changes in turn will be integrated seamlessly into the system. In other words, the decision to hire a Java programmer with experience than one without is like contemplating between a Ferrari and a Trabant or an iPod against a 400-disc CD changer replete with 30 buttons.