Whether you want to have your company website redesigned or you have this great idea for an iPhone app, we and our programmers at MethodicalCode can help you bring your ideas into reality.

Some of the services our programmers provide include:

  • Mobile Application Development. With more and more people now using smartphones and tablets, mobile apps have become a good source of profit as well as an effective productivity tool for many businesses. However, unless you are planning on designing and coding your mobile app by yourself, you will have to hire a programmer to do it for you.

Here at MethodicalCode we provide access to hundreds of highly experienced mobile application developers. Whether it is an iPhone app developer you want or an Android programmer, you can be sure to find one here at MethodicalCode. We match our programmers to clients based on the needs of the project. If you need someone to make a Java app for Android phones, for example, we will match you with a Java programmer who is not only good with Javascript but also well-versed in Eclipse and similar Java plug-ins

  • Website Design and Programming. Do you need a high-quality website? Our programmers are guaranteed to design and program high quality websites and microsites and fast turnaround time. With MethodicalCode, you will get a great website while saving time and money in the process.
  • PHP. We can provide you access to developers who specialize in customer application development as well projects that require open-source software like OsCommerce and Magento.  Our programmers are also trained to use Joomla! and other web frameworks to make future development easier and more cost efficient.
  • Ruby on Rails. Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for app development for its speed and reliability, and with Rails programmers from MethodicalCode you can take Rails app development project to the limit. Our programmers have years’ worth of experience on Rails development projects and have contributed to Beast and other similar Rails opens-source projects.

For large businesses that require special server configurations for enterprise-level development environments, we match clients to Rails programmers with expertise in JRuby to enable our clients to make full use of Ruby on Rails’ speed and flexibility without having to worry about making constant server adjustments.

  • Visual Basic. If want to hire a programmer for Visual Basic application, you can find one with us at MethodicalCode. Our programmers have at least 2 years’ experience in Visual Basic programming and 1 year experience in database design and dynamic web development. For those who are looking for something that’s geared towards e-commerce capabilities, we can match you with programmers with experience in online payment and cart development applications.
  • Database architecture. Our affiliated programmers are trained to use an architect paradigm to provide clients basic functionality right of the bat. This paradigm can also give you the advantage of using and familiarizing yourself with your database as we work on your database design and development. We also put emphasis on improvement, as each improvement may lead to more functionality from your database.  And if you discover an unmet need along the way, our affiliated programmers will take it into mind in the next development step.